Monday, April 25, 2016

Lisa's hexie Juggle quilt!

Lisa requested that I quilt Patricia Ritter and my Marmalade pantograph
on her Juggle hexagon quilt.  I was thrilled with how it turned out.
Marmalade is available in several different pantographs, pictured above it the edge to edge design.
It is also available in a border design, border corner, a stencil and a stocking design. 
Click here to see everything available:
Here is a look at the minky back.
Close up!

Camille Roskelley created this Juggle pattern, available on her site.
These are her and her mother's Happy Go Lucky fabrics. 

Close ups!

Marmalade is our most popular pantograph, it quilts beautifully on
so many different patterns.  Love it!
Thanks for coming by!
Happy quilting, Leisha~! 

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  1. Thanks for showing how this pantograph looks quilted out. I have always stayed away from pantos that have perfectly straight lines or perfectly round circles like this one because I knew I could not stitch perfectly straight lines or round circles. You've shown me that I don't need to be perfect. The pattern looks great anyway!