Saturday, April 23, 2016

Barbara's beautiful quilt

When I saw Barbara's quilt I knew I wanted to quilt
 Patricia Ritter and my Veranda pantograph, I think it compliments
 the fabrics and pattern she used.
 The quilt pattern is called Mosaic from Edyta Sitar's "Friendship Triangles" book.
You use the LBQ-0222 Triangle Papers for every pattern in her book.  
 Click on the image to make the pictures bigger.
 Barbara used a variety of traditional fabrics, and tied them together with the black fabrics.

 I love how Veranda, the pantograph, dances across the quilt, creating beautiful textures.

 Close up!

 The back!  Love the repetitive look that a pantograph gives. 

 I used a 'dyed natural' cream perma core 30 tex thread, and 8020 batting.
If you're interested in any of Patricia and my other pantograph
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  1. Lovely quilt. Good choice in panto. A winning combination.