Sunday, January 17, 2016

My "Quilting It' YouTube channel

One thing I love about quilting is being inspired by other quilters.  Through blogs, facebook, instagram, pinterest, and so on!  YouTube has been a fantastic place to go to receive tips and how to instructions on quilting.  In fact, I actually learned how to quilt out pantograph's from a few YouTube videos.  A couple of years ago I added a video talking about minky and how to prep it for your machine quilter to use for a quilt back, and its been a great resource.  I've recently posted more video's, and have more in the works.  Please head over to my youtube channel and subscribe so you don't miss out!!!  Click here:

Thank you!  Happy Quilting!!!
~ leisha
Urban Elementz the company I work with to design my pantographs with has a brand new website!!!  It's going to be easier to search designs and it looks fantastic!  I've added a link using my name to the right side column under Urban Elementz Pantographs which will take you to the page where over 70 of our designs are.  Please click on that link and it will take you right to it.   Thank you and happy quilting!
                         ~ Leisha