Friday, February 16, 2018

New Website, New Things Coming Your Way!

I'm so excited to have a new website, and for the new things that I have coming your way!
Please head over to to check it out.  While you're there subscribe to be notified, when new stuff hits the store.
My new logo was created by my friend Katie.  I love it!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Rope Bowl Tutorials

I started making these rope bowls earlier this year after seeing them on instagram.
I had several requests for a tutorial, so recently I posted two videos on my youtube channel.
This first video shows how to make the bowl...
This second video shows how to add the handles...
Please let me know if you have any questions...
I talk about which rope I use, thread, presser foot and all of those details in the first video.
thanks for stopping by, happy sewing!  leisha

Our Newest Designs

At the beginning of the month Patricia Ritter and I, released four new designs.  These are some of my favorites and I can't wait to use them on some client quilts!!
This happy heart design looks beautiful quilted out!!  One of my instagram longarm machine quilting friends used it on a clients quilt and it looks so pretty.  Quilted by Rhonda from @Olieandevie on instagram, made by Jasmine Walker.
 This is our take on Navy Stripes.  I love the simple, yet geometric design.
 Here are a couple of different pictures of this same snowflake design.  I'm so excited to have a snowflake design of my own that I love!!!  The hard lines, mixed with the twist are just so...lovely!
This soft leafy swirly design is just so pretty, and ready for any quilt you need a vine quilted on it.
Thanks for supporting Patricia and my designs, we sure love to see them used on your quilts.
happy quilting, leisha.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

...and more of our pantograph designs!

Catching up on posting more of Patricia Ritter and my longarm machine quilting pantograph designs.
Click on the name above each picture which is linked to the design on the Urban Elementz website.
This is the design that started it all!!  I sent this design and a few others to Patricia and she loved it so much she made it into a Club Set.  Its so much fun to see how something I quilted freehand could be made into such an incredible design.  Patricia is the panto queen for sure.  She makes each of our designs flow and repeat beautifully.  Thanks, Patricia!
 These is the whole cloth design for this pantograph.
 I know there are a lot of pieces of this design, click on the name and it will direct you to the page with all the designs to choose from.
 When I quilted this design out on this quilt that we made for my cousin's baby, I moved the spacing closer on my Statler Gammill Machine.  It made it a little too dense, I like the spacing in the picture above.
This design also has a stencil available.
I love this design, and almost recently used it on a clients I need to find something to quilt it on!!  So cool and geometric!

- Kindling
This is one I've used over and over and will continue to use over and over!  The texture is just so...perfect!  Especially on a minky backing like the one below.
Made by Lisa Hubbard
This one is a different version of our Marmalade design, we took the feather's out and place in the stars.  This is such a fun design to see stitch out.  It would be great to anything Americana, but also space themed quilts.

 Made by Ramona Fonnesbeck
 Quilted by Stephanie Romney on one of her client's quilts.
 I haven't quilted this one out yet mom has a valentine quilt hanging ready to be quilted.  Maybe I need to convince her to let me quilt this one on it!
 Marmalade is our most popular design, and I've seen it on dozens and dozens of quilts!  I love how universal it is for different patterns and fabrics.  Someone requested it be made into a border, thank you to whomever requested that!  Here are the options...The last picture is the regular Marmalade design.
Here is a look at the regular design quilt on one of my clients quilts.  Made by Beth Murdock.

I've seen this happy flower quilted out several times too!  Love it!
I cant remember who made this quilt.
Tehawna Raymond made this quilt.

 Every year for awhile they have been taking some of the designs from that year and making them into a stocking file.  Here are a few of ours.  One from our Flowering Plum club set.
 From our Marmalade design. 
 The top left one is the Sunny Day flower design we created.  These stockings come individually or in a set.
 This design and the next one are very similar, one has circles and the other one has more swirls.  Both are curly and fun!
- Twirl -
 This design is our Villa design with flowers added to it.
I can't remember who made this quilt.

This was a design that I use to freehand, and someone requested it to be digitized.  Its so fun!  I used it on one of my clients quilts, Kim Parkinson, it turned out great!
 This is another one of our club sets, once again click the Viola name above the picture and you'll see all of the designs that belong to this set.  I love the blocks in this set, so pretty!!!
Thanks for stopping by, and for supporting our pantograph designs!!
- Leisha