Sunday, March 2, 2014

Client Sharing Day

Its been awhile since I've shared client quilts, and I have quite a few for you to enjoy.  Here are some of my favorites. 

- Bridget -
It was so fun to take this basic pinwheel baby quilt and add lots of detail and textures.  The fabrics are so soft and sweet.  Love this!  Inside the pinwheels I wanted to quilt some petal like designs, which are topped of by adding the line with the three dots.  Inspired by another machine quilter.  On the back those lines and dots form a chain on point.  One of the great parts of quilting is seeing how the design comes together, especially on the back.  Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the back anymore.  I used a cream thread and an 8020 batting on this quilt. 

I love how the light catches the textures.  I finished it off with a free hand back and forth rope design in the inner border and a loose swirl on the outer border.
- Jane -
After I pinned on Jane's quilt on the machine canvas...before even starting to quilt, I posted a picture on was instaloved instantly.  Her fabric choices and colors were spot on.
Jane's request was lots of detail.  As I look at each quilt, I try to figure out something that will enhance the fabrics and blocks...the background was begging to have these oval uneven stone like pebbling everywhere.  Yes, on a quilt this size it takes awhile, but it was so work it.  The "Spin Cycle" blocks just pop!  I also wanted to detail the points and add something to keep it cohesive throughout the quilt.  And, it was sure fun to do.  The finished result is...perfect...or at least I think so, this is why its one of my favorites. 
Love how the light enhances the fabrics and quilting. 
I used a tan perma core thread and an 8020 batting.
- Jean -
Isn't this quilt amazing?!?!?!  I has specific instructions to add a ton of detail to this quilt.  The wool batting that Jean provided allows the quilting to pop and prevents the quilt from being stiff.  Love the wool!!  The hours that this took to even decide what to do were long, and I'd show you my drawing but its not too I'll stick with these pictures.  Enjoy!  Its quilted with a cream perma core 30 tex thread.  
 Here is a close up of one of the blocks.  Do you see the block inside the block??  Yeah, amazing!
When figuring out a detailed pattern, I try to use some of the same quilting designs in different parts of the blocks to tie whole design together.  You can see that here, with the two blocks together.
Love this!
The borders.
Here are a couple pictures of the to see all that detail together.

- Jeanette -
This was a fun little wall hanging to quilt.  This was Jeanette's first quilt, and she did an awesome job!  I wanted to crackle the background to give it some texture, because there is so much wide open space.  Then, I added a swirl and feather design to the tree to give it a fancy look.
One of my most favorite parts though is this wood grain trunk.
I used coordinating thread colors and 8020 batting.
This was another instahit on instagram.
By pebbling the background it made the circles and how they are quilted pop.

 A side view.  I used 8020 batting and a white perma core thread throughout.
 - Jen -
 Jen made this quilt for her lucky son!  To keep it masculine I wanted to add all the lines.  The lines in the grey add extra dimension to the chevron.  And, who doesn't love this color combo!
 I used an 8020 batting, grey and cream perma core thread.
- Karen -
 This quilt is made up of a simple quilt block, and was begging for some detail.  Thankfully the block allowed this orange peel design to dress it up.
I used a 8020 batting, and a cream perma core thread.
- LaReen -
 LaReen made this gorgeous table topper out of one of my favorites fabric lines.  She gave it to her mom for Christmas lucky, huh!  I wanted to do something simple in the background that would enhance the star.  Also, something fancy in the red border to dress up all that space.  It turned out lovely.  When a client gets their quilt or topper back and says now they need to make one for themselves, its quite a compliment.  Thanks, LaReen! 
I used a 8020 batting and coordinating threads.
- Lisa -
 This was another instahit!  Can you believe all of these 1" squares...its king size and there is no border, which means there are 10,368 squares.  This is an amazing one!
 Lisa asked for simple cross hatching, and I love it!
 8020 batting and a cream perma core thread was used.
 This gorgeous spool quilt is one that I think Lisa made with a guild.  I saw a few other of my clients names signed next to their spool.
 I wanted to add some detail to the spool to make them stand out, so I just did a simple echo line outside of each spool in the background.
Look at all of that amazing hand embroidered wool work.  Lisa, you are amazing!  I wanted to add something that would make the wool pop and would dress up the background and open space, this all over swirl feather design does that.  8020 batting was used, with a cream perma core thread.
 Lisa made this for one of her lucky friends, for her birthday.  The colors and fabric choices, make this one of my favorites.
 Because this quilt has minky on the back I needed to do a loose all over design in the center.  This one is super fun to do, and I can add just about anything to it.
I thought crackle quilting would enhance the appliques that Lisa did.  Love those stems and flowers.
8020 batting was used and coordinating threads.
- Maho -
 Maho always makes amazing quilts and does a fabulous job each time.  This is a perfect example, normally I cringe inside when someone brings a quilt with really large borders (because they grow and ripple out of control) , especially when the inside is pieced on the bias...but not Maho!  She is excellent at cutting and sewing exactly!  Thanks, Maho! 
 This is a quilt that she made for her daughter.  She wanted some detail...So, I did an all over pattern in the background...which was the easiest way to get around the ric rac.  I thought the lines and feathers would add great texture to the chickens.  This quilt is amazing!!!
The light catching all the details.  Maho's husband came with her to pick this quilt up and was in awe...I've heard he raves about it to some people that we both know.  8020 batting used and a cream perma core thread.
- Sandy -
 These are called the "Shinning Star", and my mom made these three in a long weekend sewing getaway we had last year.  Even though the fabrics are the same for two of them, I'm showing them to you because the quilting is a little different in the backgrounds.
 This is quilting example number 1.  This is one she made for my grandma.
 A close up of the feathers.  This has feathers all over it!
 This is quilting example number 2.  She made this one for my aunt Kris.
 I quilted a very tiny cross hatch in the inside of the feathered circles.  Feathered swirls in the star and feathers in the border.
 Close up view.
 This is quilting example number 3.  This one my mom made for my sister in-law, Brooke.  She is the classiest person that I know, so I wanted to keep it as simple and classy as possible.  The background has lines, the star is a feather swirl and the border is also feathered, with a back and forth rope design in the inner border.  These soft golds went well with Brooke's Christmas décor. 
 Love the light catching the details.
Another view.  All three stars I used 8020 batting and coordinating threads.
- Wendy -
 I'm sad I didn't keep more pictures of this quilt!  This is the first quilt that Wendy has made, and she gave it to her mom.  It turned out gorgeous!  Love love love, this fabric line.  I do want to show you the quilting though.  We talked about adding some details to this border to show off all the piecing that she did while sewing...I love how this one turned out!  It even awesome on the back, look below.
 The quilting on the center of the quilt.
This quilting on the backside of the border.  Fun to see how the pattern comes together.  I used an 8020 batting a cream perma core thread from A&E.
Lots of beautiful quilts, huh?!?!  Which one is your favorite???
Hopefully I can do this more often, its inspiring for everyone to see all these different unique patterns.  Hope you enjoyed this, and happy sewing!
~ leisha


  1. Wow, beautiful quilting, Loved it.

  2. The quilting on these beautiful quilts is just so stunning!

  3. Beautiful quilting. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Just ran across your photos looking for ideas for FMQ on my DM. Your quilting is beautiful - thanks for sharing!

  5. I just love the " Jane " quilt... Could you tell me the name of the pattern ?
    Beautiful...just Beautiful ..Louise

    1. It looks like it’s called Spin Cycle, not sure who created the pattern though. Thank you!!