Saturday, May 17, 2014

International Quilt Market quilting~!

It's so fun to quilt for pattern designers who release their patterns at quilt market.
For this market I was able to quilt 3 quilts!
I first met Marcea Owen from Abbey Lane Quilts a couple of years ago when she was dressed up as Marsha, for My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe shop hop...the theme was TV shows from the past and they chose the Brady Bunch.  Anyway, she told me she'd call me sometime and have me quilt for them.
I was beyond thrilled when she called this spring telling me she had 2 block of the week quilts that she needed quilted for market.  Its an honor to quilt for a pattern designer and see my quilting on their pattern covers and the pictures inside the pattern, its an even bigger honor to have it taken to International Quilt Market, which is happening now in Pittsburg. 
Marcea was great to work with and I look forward to future things we'll work on together. 
Here is a picture that Marcea Texted me a couple of nights ago,
of their display of the two Lil' Munchkin's quilts, from their booth #1150 at Quilt Market. 
Below are some close ups of the quilting.  Enjoy~!
There will be kits available, when the patterns are available soon, at Sisters and Quilters.
 Don't you just love this!!  Marcea designed this as a block of the week, and used fabrics in her stash...which is perfect, we all have a fabric stash...right?!?! 
 I love all the grey mixed in with the Halloween colors.  Makes it the perfect fall wall hanging.
 The first thing we talked about when it came to the quilting was the background behind the pumpkin couple.  I suggested a crackle, but a much smaller one...Marcea loved the idea of the crackle, but she wanted it huge, like 2"-3" big.  Which I loved!  It was so fun to make it jumbo size.  I normally freehand the crackle, because its not very big.  But this time I wanted it to be more precise, with it being so big, so I used a straight longarm quilting ruler.  It quilted like a breeze! 
 Don't you just love those pumpkin munchkins!  I do!
We wanted every little part of the wall hanging to be enhanced and we both think it did just that!
Marcea loves to wash her quilts before taking them to market, and she stopped by to show me the fun crinkled look that the 8020 batting I used gave the quilt.  I loved the added character it gave it!
 For this wall hanging I used 9 different colors of thread, and it took me 6 hours to quilt. 
Thread colors: 2 oranges, 2 greens, 2 greys, a white, a black, and a cream.
I love to quilt lines in backgrounds or inside shapes that add
texture and depth to the quilt, like is shown here.
 I love these bats as much as I love the pumpkin munchkin's.  I wanted to accentuate the points and lines, but knew I needed to add more depth to it, which is what the second line under the wing does.  Having them all lined up creates a cool effect! 
 another view!
 We decided to repeat the lines from the bottom, behind the triangles,
to the top behind the on point squares where the webs are quilted.
To keep it fresh and modern.
 He is just so handsome!
I quilted lines in his hat, face, jacket, and pants.
 She's adorable!
Her pointy hat was the perfect thing to echo and create a triangle texture.
Her face also got lines, but in her dress I quilted some jumbo pebbles.
I love the effect that lines can have on these stars!  Also you should notice the border, its quilted in squares and I love how simple yet complete it made this quilt.
The second munchkin block of the week!
 So bright and fun, huh?!?!
The dark teal color added with the miny blue and red is my most favorite part of this.
If I remember right I used 5 colors of thread on this one: white, cream, minty blue, dark teal, and red.
This is also one that is intended to be make using fabrics that you have in your stash.
 The lines I quilted in the sections on the candy body made the snowmunckin POP!
 Another view!
 Here is a view of the snowflakes on the bottom.
We wanted the lines and stippling to help the snowflakes pop, like shown above and below.
 Aren't those fabrics and colors so fun!
 With the pinwheels we wanted something simple that would show off the shape of the triangles.
Like pictured above and below.
 Another View.
 I quilting around every part of the snowmunchkin, because we decided on quilting some star like snowflakes in the background, similar to the ones in his eyes.
 Some lines flowing out from the points of each tree section, play off the crooked trees.
A last close up.
You can see the checker border, super mini inner border and the outside teal border in this picture.
Fun textures for sure in this quilt!
  The week before quilt market I was able to quilt this amazing quilt by
Kimberly Bourne from Mainstreet Market Designs!
Kimberly is wonderful!  She wasn't quite sure what she wanted exactly...just something modern.
This pattern she designed is called, "Richelle" and is almost available. 
 The fabric is by "The Quilted Fish", and will be available at Riley Blake.
Don't you just love that flower!
Kimberly fussy cut each flower center piece for the orange flower and the white flower.
 This quilt is so cool, all the angles and how they interlock together...amazing!
 Look at those on point triangle blocks...I've been wanting to do a design like that for awhile, but just didn't have the right quilt to do it on.  The fan look enhances all of the other lines that were quilted in the center of the quilt.  Also, don't you just LOVE the colors in this fabric line, I do.
 a top view!
 angled view!
  I wanted to keep it super simple and so I didn't quilt in the flower centers, just lines around the outside of both blocks...which made the flowers POP!!
This quilt is hanging in the Quilted Fish section of the Riley Blake booth at Market.
I saw it on instagram, go to their page and check it out!
Thanks so much for reading, and I look forward to quilting for the next Quilt Market in the fall!

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